Sarah Barns
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Recent Projects

Sarah Barns works across a range of media and interfaces to create story-driven narratives that explore our changing relationships with informational spaces. Here's a list of recent projects. 

Creative & Digital

Through Esem Projects, a media arts and placemaking practice I co-direct with Michael Killalea, I work closely with local governments and communities to design and deliver place-based activations that link digital and experiential platforms and programming.

This work integrates my experience as a digital producer and strategist working with historical collections to ‘re-imagine’ the potentials of archives-based storytelling in the public domain - a focus for my PhD research between 2005-10. Archives of these past projects can be found over at my PhD blog Sitesandsounds.

Digital Heritage Interpretation & Placemaking

Here’s a selection of projects, installations and activations. To stay up to date head over to Esem Projects for recent projects.